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We're transforming computing, join us.

We're the first company working to bring existing operating systems into the cloud. The Chromebook has shown that the future of computing is in the cloud but it still has it's limitations. By putting Windows OS in the cloud and streaming it back to the user we can allow people to use familiar interfaces and applications on their existing devices whilst gaining all the benefits of a cloud based computer.

Our Background

Our Offering

Our Credentials

Founded in July 2017, Fumarii really found it's legs in June 2018 when our current managment team was brought together. Since then our strong and stable leadership has allowed us to work towards achieving our vision for the future of computing. 

Our team truly believes that the future of computing is in the cloud. The Chromebook is a great first step but the lack of applications compatible with ChromeOS is a real limitation. We are offering all the benefits of the Chromebook but with a familiar operating system and applications. 

Our team has founded multiple companies in the past and been apart of multiple accelerator and incubator programs. Our experience has allowed us to grow Fumarii on a small budget. In addition our team has strong formal education with combined degress in Law, Sociology, Computer Science and Management

Business Model and Strategy

Our goal is to provide a bridge from the current way of computing to the future of cloud computing. It's our belief that the key to sucess for Fumarii is to create a system that is user friendly making it easy for individuals to adopt cloud computing. 

If we can accomplish this goal we believe that we will make computing more affordable for the average individual whilst providing a route for increased innovation by ensuring freelancers and startups can access high end computing.


Our service removes the upfront cost of computing by offering a monthly subscription to upgrade existing devices by connecting them to the cloud. The margin on this subscription will allow us to scale quickly and deliver returns to our investors.


The value of our technology to the evolution of computing cannot be understated. Our patents and other intellectual property will allow us to protect this technology and monetize it in the longterm. 

Our Mangement Team

Liam Gill

Chief Executive Officer

Liam is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of successful ventures from a young age. He is a lawyer by trade with an LLB (Hons) from Durham University and has supplemented his education with a Masters of Science.

Rhys Birkinshaw

Chief Technology Officer

Rhys is also a seasoned entrepreneur having designed and manufactured his own smartwatches. He has been a freelance programmer from the age of 12 and continues to develop new innovative software daily.

Alfie Godfrey

Chief Marketing Officer

Alfie is an experienced marketing executive with experience designing and operating digital marketing campaigns for software companies. His passion for affordable technology and its effect on all our lives is exemplified through his artwork and video explanations of our great innovations.

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Fumarii is looking for strategic investors who can help grow our company with industry experience and connections. If you believe that you, your firm or someone you know would be a good investor for Fumarii then please feel free to contact us and we will look to explore further.

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