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Providing technology for the workforce of the future.

Accessible from anywhere, Fumarii allows users to instantly access a high powered computer allowing them to work remotely without compromise.

Easy access to a high-powered cloud computer for your employees

Customize your employees' hardware specifications

Create multiple employee accounts with ease

Have your data stored securely on AWS servers

The workplace is changing

Remote work is a key element of the modern workplace. It is essential for millennials and improves the mental health and loyalty of all employees. Businesses must ensure that they can maximize the output and potential of the modern workforce.

70% of the workforce will work remotely at least 5 days per month by 2025.

50% of on-site workers want to start working remotely.

34% of Americans would take a 5% pay-cut for work flexibility.

Challenges with remote work

Many employees are less productive when away from their workstations. This is especially true for creatives, engineers and developers who require specialist applications and computers.

When away from their resources in the office, employees often use under-powered devices. This can waste their time as applications crash or tasks such as rendering and simulations take hours instead of minutes.

Your employees don't start at 9am and stop at 5pm. Their creative process and workflow can require them to work outside traditional hours and away from the office. Ideas can be killed or deadlines missed without the resources to act in the moment.

What we do

Fumarii allows you to connect to a powerful computer in the cloud. This computer is capable of running all specialist software required for engineers, creatives and developers.

Our high powered cloud computers can complete tasks such as video rendering and 3D modelling at substantially higher speeds. For example the rendering of a 3D scene that takes 2hrs on a Macbook pro takes just 8mins on the same laptop when connected to Fumarii.

Fumarii is a truly mobile remote workstation; accessible from anywhere at anytime on all devices. You will be able to access us from tablets, phones, laptops and even VR/AR headsets.

How we do it

Fumarii has developed its own proprietary software that allows users to open a Windows computer powered by your choice of hardware in the cloud. You can customize the GPU, CPU and RAM available to your employees to ensure maximum efficiency. They will be able to access our service at 4k with less than 1 frame of latency.

Our systems run on Amazon Web Services meaning that your data is stored in a secure and safe environment.

Our own proprietary account management system means that you can create accounts for your employees at any time with the click of a button. These accounts can have specialist software pre-downloaded on the hardware of your choice.

The benefit in financial terms

Say you pay your employee $48k per year ($22/hour).

If they spend 2 hours waiting for a 3D model or a video to render, you are paying them $44 for that time. Whereas, an employee using Fumarii could have finished that render in 8 mins, saving you $41 in salary.

If your employee does 5 hours of remote work per month this costs you $110/month. Without access to the necessary resources, they may have their productivity cut in half. With Fumarii you ensure that your investment in your workforce is maximized.

What remote workers using us have to say

"At first I wasn't sure about using the cloud for my design work. But after using the free trial there is no going back. Fumarii has allowed me to take my work away from my desktop and I love how snappy everything feels."

Jeffery Widjaja - Freelancer

"For me this service really comes into its own when you have to make adjustments to a project. Usually if I want to make a change I would have to go into the office, but now I can do it from home"

Patrick Seargeant - Civil Engineer

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