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CAD anytime, anywhere, any device.

Our users have easy access to a highly powerful cloud computer to perform CAD on any of their devices.

Easy access to a high-powered cloud computer

Render 3D models 5x faster

Access from any device, no matter how underpowered

Run simulations and other intensive tasks from anywhere

How it works

You simply log into your Fumarii app. We then connect you to a highly powerful computer capable of running the most demanding design software at maximum performance. What you will see is an entire desktop computer and it will feel as though it is your device but with boosted specifications.

An empowering experience

Our users feel empowered being able to run simulations or design 3D models on their under-powered devices. With Fumarii, instead of being tied to a desktop, you have the freedom to make changes to your designs and have the power to render wherever you take your laptop. Start using Fumarii now and you too can have the best CAD experience possible.

No more render queus

We know how frustrating it is waiting for your latest design to render. It's even worse when you want to make a slight alteration and then have to re-render the entire project. But our users are able to render 5x faster. This means that their waiting time is significantly reduced. Use Fumarii and you will save time and no longer be frustrated staring at long render queues.

What other users are saying

"At first I wasn't sure about using the cloud for my design work. But after using the free trial there is no going back. Fumarii has allowed me to take my work away from my desktop and I love how snappy everything feels."

Jeffery Widjaja - Freelancer

"For me this service really comes into its own when you have to make adjustments to a project. Usually if I want to make a change I would have to go into the office, but now I can do it from home"

Patrick Seargeant - Civil Engineer

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