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Known Beta Issues

We have identified the following issues and recommend the best course of action to resolve them.

Unidentified Developer (Mac)

As Fumarii is still in its beta stage, it’s application is not officially offered by Apple on the App Store. As such Fumarii is currently an Unidentified Developer for MacOS. When downloading our software you are likely to be prompted by Apple to avoid using software by Unidentified Developers. This link from Apple explains how in a couple of short steps you can circumvent this message and use Fumarii regardless. (https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/mac-help/mh40616/mac)

Unidentified Developer (Windows)

As Fumarii is still in its beta stage, it’s application is not officially offered on the Microsoft Store. As such Fumarii is currently an Unidentified Developer by Microsoft. When downloading the software you are likely to be given a warning that will inform you of this. On that warning, if you select the more information option, you will then be presented with the option to run our software anyways. If you click on this button you will be able to access Fumarii.


Screen Sizing (Windows)

Currently, on Windows, Fumarii’s technology has a bug whereby it may struggle to adapt the dimensions of your virtual computer to that of your physical device. In this instance, what you must do is, on your own computer go to display settings. Change the under Scale and Layout there is an option to change the size of apps, text, etc. You must change this to 100% before trying again to launch Fumarii. 

Black Screen Error (Mac/Windows)

If you launch Fumarii and are met with a black screen or error message, we recommend that you click the off button on the Fumarii Application, close all Fumarii windows and try again to reconnect. If it continues to fail, please try again with your laptop connected to 5Ghz internet or ideally wired directly to your router. 

Maximum Capacity (Mac/Windows)

Unfortunately at this stage, it is likely that our systems operate at maximum capacity. If this is the case then we recommend you wait five minutes before trying again. Each time you get this error we will ensure that we add more resources to our system to avoid this problem in future, such changes, however, will take upwards of 3-7 days. In the interim, we recommend that you continue to try again to access our systems every 5 minutes. To avoid others facing this problem please ensure you close your instance and click the off button when you are finished using Fumarii. 

Incorrect Login Details (Mac/Windows)

If you are given an error message saying you have incorrect login details when you know your details are correct, please close the Fumarii application and try again. If the problem persists please change your password and if that doesn’t work, please contact us. 


Freezes During Login (Mac/Windows)

If at any point during the login process our application freezes, please try again whilst connected to 5GHz internet or wired connection to your router. 

If you believe that you are experiencing an issue with the Beta which has not been listed here, then please contact us through this email: support@fumarii.com. With the subject 'New Beta Issue'.